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bitmap, vector & pixelate icons 
09:30pm 10/02/2007
we're trying to search LJ users, who is interested in icons for web, software etc.
if you the one, Welcome!
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Hello hello :) 
06:22pm 17/08/2003
mood: hopeful
Yup.. need some icons for my journal and I am icon-retarded.

So who wants to be the lucky one? :P

I also have a layout request.. but maybe I should save it for later. If you want to do a layout, though, comment and I can give you a task! lol

links2pics (and stuff)!Collapse )
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12:49am 05/08/2003
mood: artistic
Go see my new Icons
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Calling all dudes and dudettes 
05:17pm 11/06/2003
mood: creative
I need help on making my journal look rad. It looks crappy right now...anyone wanna help? Oh yeah - I'd like someone to make me some spiffy icons too if you wouldn't mind.

^ Note the language - my "lil bro" has been teaching me. It's pretty sad when a 16 year old reformats your language.
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03:55pm 03/06/2003
mood: artistic
I will be taking some icon requests. Just leave links to pictures. I will also take a couple of layout requests. I can only do simple ones like the one in my journal.
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Can anyone do me a HUGE favor?? 
12:07pm 11/05/2003
mood: accomplished
can you make these pics into icons for me please? thanks!

thank you muchly!
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icon request 
10:17am 28/04/2003
  Can someone just resize these pictures into icons for me?

For Icon 1
For Icon 2
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I just want to be clear on something.. 
09:57pm 26/03/2003
  The new rules state 2 Characters ONLY! What about those of us that have 3 what do we do with the one extra, do we put one up for adoption or just delete ?

Just a question.

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10:11pm 22/03/2003
  I have 2 ryan and heather icons. IM me for them.

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06:49pm 18/03/2003
  anyone wanna make me a new background of pink?? PLZ!!!!!! i would but i don't have the time right now and i'm tired of this one. and besides it sux cuz i made it. i don't care what pics u make it with or anything...hell u can make it be pink and rey i don't care...lol.


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09:40pm 15/03/2003
  BTW: I HAVE MATT DAMON/DUNST icons!!! sorry i forgot to tell you i've had them FOREVER!!! IM me or email me, and i'll send them to you! either of you! SORRY! *hugs* i hope they look ok..... errrr.... im making more though! i got this cute pic of damon with someone else, and im gunna find a pic of dunst, do you know a good gallery of dunst pics? i cant find any, plenty of damon, i need dunst though! thanks! i ahev 2 icons for you guys! IM ME OR EMAIL with the subject "ICONS"


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05:22pm 15/03/2003
  roger-shaped, i was told you do really good pictures of putting two together so if you have free time could you please take the two pictures from the links below and have "ryan" like infront of "heather". it doesn't have to be like right away or anything, just whenever you have free time. thanks :).

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12:38am 13/03/2003
  TAKE THE DAMN POLL! I'll love you forever if you answer correctly... *grin*

Poll #112204 sessy

I Have the SEXY-EST Boy-Toy/Significant Other/Lover/Boy Friend/Chris EVER!!!! am i right?

HELL YEA... -but i wouldnt ever steal him cause im nice and know hes yours-
FUCK YEA OH BABY YES... -but i wouldnt ever steal him cause im nice and know hes yours-
NO WAY! -and i understand clicking this will get me killed.-
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06:13pm 03/03/2003
  Can somebody make me a nice icon of me and Kirsten together? If anyone even knows how to do that... thanks.  
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10:44am 16/02/2003
hi, I'm the new JC and I kinda need icons. yeah, I still have the ones from the old JC, but I don't feel right keeping them. Seems almost like I am stealing. I don't really care what JC pics...they don't even have to be all fancy if ya don't have the time...just pics of him w/ his lovely durly hair *smiles*
Thanks in advance
BTW...if you need to contact me, my AIM is:
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please please please 
12:49pm 31/01/2003
  i was wondering if someone had free time on their hands if they could make me a few joey icons, the picture links are bellow. sorry i don't have the link code :( thank ya! (ps. words and flashy things are good ;) )

joey picture linksCollapse )
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09:10pm 28/01/2003
  Alright everyone! Sara is very ego-filled! I can make kick ass icons of anyone with anyone! I've made a zillion roger/chris pics that of course, arent REAL. I have made dani/lando pics, and in the prossess of more! I have no life, and would like to make more, so if you want icons or pics of you and that special someone, JUST REQUEST! woohoo! Sara can do it! Cause she is the master! All you need to do is provide the pictures you would like me to combine, and give me 24 hours to get to it! And it is a done deal! woohoo! so give me a challange!

check out my web page! [click here, lol] or check out my buddie icons where i put all the icons i have created.... (that are good) even the ones that arent rog and chris, so i can show them off easier! click here for my icons
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An emo icon? 
10:42am 22/01/2003
mood: disappointed

Can you make this?
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icon request 
09:44am 20/01/2003
mood: crushed
title or description


Can you have it say: 'Risa
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06:08pm 17/01/2003
mood: crazy
ok....icons icons icons...lol....this is gonna be a lot cuz i have made a lot. soo if ya like great...if ya don't ohh well.


SHARE...i use them and other people in rp comms. use them too.

credit would be nice...

thats all...just tell me which ones u are taking.

chris, britney, justin, joey, jc and 2 misc. icons Collapse )
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