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Hello hello :)

Yup.. need some icons for my journal and I am icon-retarded.

So who wants to be the lucky one? :P

I also have a layout request.. but maybe I should save it for later. If you want to do a layout, though, comment and I can give you a task! lol

I don't really care how you do it.. be creative, I suppose? On one, though.. I would like any of the above pictures with the line "well, these days" and then I'd like it to flash to this one: with the line "i wish i was six again."

Here's some lines to other songs that I like if you want to use them on any of the icons:

"sittin' in my room just to write a love song for no one"
"thinking back on old love ... or lack thereof"
"if you want love... we'll make it"
"she's always buzzin' just like neon"
"so what? .. so i've got a smile on.."
"everybody is just a stranger"
"my stupid mouth has got me in trouble.."

Haha.. sorry if I went a bit overboard, but things just kept popping in my head.

Thanks a MILLION if you'll do this for me!
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