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This is a section in NOT QUITE CELEBRITY is where you request icons; you request them (try to have an idea of the picture you want and/or post the pic or link to the pic) and then someone from the community makes them and either sends it to you or posts it under the comment section.
1.) Give the Person a week to make you icons, I'm sure they will take less then that, but people have other stuff to do
2.) Try not ask for a whole bunch of words on your icon, cause sometimes it wont fit.
3.) If you need help and/or your icon has not been made and its over a week
IM me l_basstronaut or one of the mods
or e-mail
Lance Bass l_basstronaut
Emmaunelle Chriqui emmers_c
Chris Kirkpatrick trickyboy
Jc Chasez chasez_josh

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